Looking back at one (actually 1.5) week the blogosphere #5

The drama is over, so here we are with another issue of “Sasa Weekly” *hrr*

First, a little drama in which we realize yet again what an ignorant snob zaitcev is. He really needs to screw his wife for a change.
As mentioned in the post, luckily Kuro is capable of replying. Unlike itsubun, at least zaitcev reacts to these kinds of thing, but unfortunately that doesn’t make him a less arrogant person.

I should watch the stuff this girl is posting, like this or this. I’m still not a big of chinese animators though, as long as they don’t come up with their own stuff, I won’t be really interested. Very similar to korean artists, what I like the most are still colour illustrations. After a certain point, they become somewhat boring, but it’s still beautiful. The comments on this post are fairly interesting too, showing that the girl at least knows some big names. (Dali and Klimt, huh XD) I wonder if any anime bloggers are actually knowledgeable in the history of art. Most of them seem to either do some literature/journalism stuff or are in science/IT. There really aren’t many who are simple art students besides Tsubaki maybe.
She also has another posting on the state of art in China, and it makes me wonder how good her sources really are. From what I can see from the editor of chinese manhua in France, Xiaopan, the comic culture in China actually is very diverse already and this watercolour style is only one of many.

Actually… I have not watched these Gurren Lagann music videos either! It’s quite silly of me, I suppose, but I find them definitely mentionable.

I realized that Shirukii has become quite a major blogger with his consistent episodic postings. And I totally agree with his objection that Geass ultimately relies way too heavily on deus ex machina - like I said, it’s not a smart anime at all and thus is probably the most pretentious I have ever seen.

Skip Beat is getting an anime and usagijen is getting all fangirly over it. I agree and am actually looking forward to the anime. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn out good this time? I think shoujo anime suffer too much from bad animation and storytelling, and I only have a glimpse of hope that it’ll be different this time.

The JLPT is going to change - but actually I won’t be ready for the the “JLPT 2.5″ anytime soon anyways.

I am not sure if I should find this disgusting or funny, ahaha.

The sad thing around the silly round robin is that they produce utter crap, because they write on random topics (and not gender-related topics anymore). Thus, even Osu disagrees with their bad definitions and near to non-existent background knowledge.

I suppose you all have seen this, but I am an avid fan of this figurine now. Oversized white shirts simply are the best and I suppose I cannot stress that enough.

The Ocha! group that subs Toshokan Sensou is also a blogger who likes random things such as the light novels that appear in Lucky Star. I’ve been enjoying reading this a lot and I wish more anime fans would talk about interesting details in anime - instead of just rambling about shows or even worse, dismissing them.

Martin aka concretebadger has finally finished watching Eureka Seven, just like me. I wasn’t as impressed as him though, and I have the impression that he didn’t take the story all too serious either. How should I put it - I think Eureka 7 needs a proper review from my anytime soon.

Seth Johnson randomly blogs again with a little blurp on the upcoming Noitamina show, Antique Bakery. The interesting thing about this little blurp is, however, that I kind of want to look into the show now, hahaha.

Call me a silly otaku, but I find these shirts really cool now. The same goes for the upcoming Pokemon shirts… now the big problem is that I don’t like T-shirts at all! XD Anyways, what do you think: Which designs are my favourites? :3

Despite his last two movies that I kind of disliked, I am still a huge fan of Makoto Shinkai and was happy to read this report about an interview with him. Another one of these people I really would want to meet, arrr.

Junko Mizuno is going to design a pony? Well, it’s interesting but I admit that I have extremely mixed feelings about her work. On the one hand, I adore her designs and its wicked evilness, on the other hand I find them very senseless. All in all: I love her illustrations and dislike her manga.

In response to Osu’s recent posting on ED themes, mainly Rainbow and Waltz (two of my favourites!), there is an analysis on Claiming Ground about the meaning of EDs in anime. Be sure to also read the comments. I, too, am the kind of person who never watches the ED if it doesn’t blend into the end of the episode. But if it does, and in a good way, I find it extremely powerful.

That’s all for now, I suppose. There always are way more links than I expect! Even then, I am planning to write the next issue of this post in 1.5 weeks again so as to keep my Sunday schedule :3 Pictures will be included later too.

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  1. Pixelmatsch wrote:

    Only after re-enacting this wonderful CC-figure myself am I able to fully appreciate its beauty. You should try it too, people!

    Posted 26 Jun 2008 at 12:53 CE(S)T

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